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General Die casting material:

 aluminum alloy(ADC12,ADC10,A356,A383,

A380,LM25, LM6, LM9, LM4, ZL12, ZL27 etc.)

zinc alloy(3#, 5# etc), 

JYT has a purpose built high pressure die casting facility which has the capability to manufacture castings up to 40 Kilogrammes in weight and has the ability to produce high production rates up to 200 castings per hour, using computer controlled die casting machines.

The high pressure process is used for the manufacture of high volume parts that require high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish with a minimum of machining. Castings are produced by injecting molten aluminium into a metal mould and is the most cost effective method of producing for high volume requirements.

This method of production allows for castings to be made with a thinner wall section than that of the Sand or Gravity process e.g 1.5 – 3mm. As a result of the very fine grain size produced high strength is obtainable in the as cast condition, high pressure die castings cannot be heat treated.

Continual investment in high pressure diecasting technology has kept JYT at the forefront of the industry in terms of process capability. Our modern foundry operates machines manufactured by L.K group who are renowned in the industry for their superior engineering quality and reliability.

Our average machine tonnage range has increased over the years and more and more of our customers are seeking larger lock force range components. Currently our largest machine is 2500 tonne which is fully automated with closed loop controls, 6 axis robot and 2 axis overhead spray unit. All our 750 and 500 tonne machines have real time integrated closed loop shot monitoring systems which ensures we are able to control our processes to exacting specifications.

Even though our tonnage range has increased over the years we still keep a smaller range of machines available to support our customers' needs. JYT prides itself in our ability to manufacture both small and large components with varying volumes from 2.5 million to 1000 parts per annuer.We continue to plan our investment in new plant and machinery which has recently resulted in us being able to offer our customers 2500T machine capacity, with a further investment program being considered in the 4000T machine capacity range.

High Pressure Die Casting 


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