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Quality and service go hand in hand and JYT reputation speaks for itself. Being ISO/TS 16949:2009 accredited supports our belief in customer focused quality and service operations. Our quality manager and his team are there to ensure our customer’s expectations are achieved if not surpassed consistently.

We have a full range of quality audit tools at our disposal which include on site real time X ray facilities, spectrographic analysis, full CNC metrology utilising 3 axis CMM equipment, combined with traditional “hard” gauging measurement activities.

Early involvement with a project is a prerequisite to ensure customer quality and service expectations are understood. JYT carry out extensive component feasibility studies from the outset of a project to ensure our customers choose the right process to minimise unit costs whilst maintaining component integrity.

Solidification modelling and material flow analysis are processes that we support from the outset of any new projects. FMEA supported by integrated design review ensure our customer quality expectations are supported from sampling to part approval.

​We can provide full material traceability throughout the all 
processes. We produce our own inspection plans or work to 
inspection plans provided by our customers.

The quality of the alloy used in the casting process is strictly 
controlled. Our ingot is purchased from suppliers that use a 
minimum standard of ISO/TS 16949:2009

Full melt code traceability for each batch is available with 3.1 
Inspection Certificates.

JYT Engineering has specialist expertise in the following 
aluminium alloys and zinc alloys:

LM25, LM6, LM9, LM4, ZL12, ZL27, A356.

TS16949 Cert